A Good Change! A Testimony to Evolv


Good day Thrivers!

Many individuals have taken the first steps to rebooting their health through the Reboot Kit and other Evolv products sold at Thrive Wellness Center. Evolv has developed a system called Buy One, Nourish Two, which means that for every product that is sold, Evolv donates a serving of food to children in need. As of today, the Evolv kits and products sold by Thrive Wellness have given 47,688 servings of food to impoverished children! Taking part in this program means changing two lives for the better, rather than just one!

Amber Summers Krug, HHP, Founder of Thrive Wellness Center shares her Evolv testimony with us: "I am so grateful I rebooted my health! After I started my business 5 years ago, the demands of a busy lifestyle led to me skipping meals and missing out on exercise. I had reached my highest weight ever and my energy was drained to the core. After completing 4 reboots, I not only lost 20 pounds, I have more energy than I have had in years; I'm excited about exercising rather than dreading it, and I fit back into all of my clothes! To top it all off, I've helped nourish hundreds of children in need throughout the process. An extra special thank you to Cindy Cox, for helping me get started and inspiring me to give this a try!"

In addition, Amber offers us all some food-for-thought: "How can we best influence those around us in a positive manner? Where do we start? Honestly, I believe it comes from shifting our thinking and focus to the positive, and by taking 1 single action each day to nourish not only our body, but our soul. Each one of us has an opportunity to affect change not only in our own lives but in our community, and across the world. Each one of us has a seed inside of us, a purpose or a mission, that was planted before we were even born. For some of us this purpose has blossomed and is clear, for others the seed is still germinating. I challenge you to answer this question, what brings you great joy in your life, what fulfills your soul? Whatever these things are, start incorporating them into your life more often. That is the water and nutrients that will help your seed grow and eventually blossom into the flower that is your greatest potential. I hope you know how great you are and the capacity you have to change the world for the better. It's a ripple effect that starts with you. The Buy One, Nourish Two program has completely integrated with my life's purpose, to help others achieve better health and to serve those in need. Seek out your passion and purpose, and be the change you wish to see in the world!"

Until next time, stay well and keep Thriving!

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