Making a Case for Coconuts! (Part 1)


Coconut Oil has been under attack lately. Depending on who you ask, Coconut Oil can be regarded as the superfood of the century, or so bad that you dare not touch it. For the next two weeks we will be talking about the health benefits of Coconut Oil and busting the myths that surround it! Let us begin this week by examining the top health benefits that Coconut Oil has to offer:

-It is Thryroid Stimulating: Coconut Oil contains fatty acids that accelerate and stimulate the metabolism, giving you more energy. The fatty acid chains are also structured perfectly to promote weight loss in the body.

- It lowers cholesterol and boosts the immune system: Coconut Oil is high in lauric acid, a nutrient which protects the heart by reducing overall cholesterol and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. This acid also supports the immune system.

-It kills Candida: Coconuts are high in caprylic acid which kills off excess candida and other harmful bacteria in the body.

-It nourishes the brain: Studies on Coconut Oil consumption has shown improved cognitive function, and stalled ( or in certain cases reversed) early-stage neurodegenerative diseases.

-It reduces heart disease: Studies on Pacific Islanders have shown that their total caloric intake is made of approx. 30-60% fully saturated Coconut. Cardiovascular disease rates among these populations are nearly non-existent!

-It keeps diabetes in check: Coconut Oil does not produce an insulin spike in the bloodstream. Instead, it helps control blood sugar levels by improving the secretion of insulin!

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With all those wonderful benefits, it is hard to imagine that Coconut Oil is as bad as some people claim it to be. Next week we look at some of their claims, and discuss the facts.

Until next time, stay well and keep Thriving!

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