Making a Case for Coconuts! (Part 2)


Last week we took a look at the multitude of health benefits that coconut oil has to offer. Today we will be looking at claims made by health professionals, and debunking the latest myth about coconut oil. This is a topic where it is important to know your FATS and your FACTS!

Have you heard the latest attack on Coconut Oil? Once again the American heart association is suggesting that coconut oil is unhealthy! Several holistic doctors and journalists have generated rebuttals to this latest news story and the science speaks for itself, coconut oil stands strong as a safe and healthy food that offers a fountain of heath benefits!(Information and rebuttal below is provided by Jill Richardson at

"Question: Did the journalists writing those headlines actually read the AHA’s study?
Answer: No.

The publication is a meta-analysis of four different studies. The authors gathered the data of all four different studies and then analyzed them together. None of the four studies have jack squat to do with coconut oil. They also have nothing to do with the main component of coconut oil: lauric acid.Saturated fat is not just one chemical; it’s several. The structure of these chemicals is similar, but they differ in how many carbons they have. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a medium-chain saturated fatty acid with 12 carbons. Saturated fats in animal products tend to be comprised of palmitic and stearic acid. The studies in the new AHA publication all had patients replace animal fats with polyunsaturated fats, primarily from soybean oil. They saw a drop in coronary heart disease in the groups that made the switch compared to the control groups. One could pick apart their statistical analysis or their research methods (some of the studies were far from double-blind) but as far as coconut oil goes, that is not even necessary. Plainly put, coconut oil was not a part of the study at all.

In fact, in a study in mice, coconut oil was found to be healthier than (unsaturated) soybean oil. Another study found oil pulling with coconut oil reduced plaque and gingivitis. Several studies that found beneficial effects of coconut oil specify that the effects come from virgin coconut oil, which has not been treated with heat or refined in any other way. For example, one study, also in mice, found virgin coconut oil helped with stress. But lumping all saturated fats together, and drawing conclusions about coconut oil from a study that had nothing to do with coconut oil is simply wrong."

Keep these truths in mind as you continue on your journey to health. When you see a coconut, think of how much good they can do for your body!

Until next time, stay well and keep Thriving!

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