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It is so important that we take care of our bodies in a all-inclusive manner. The human body works on far more than food and water. We must also take care of our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs to achieve full-body wellness. Meditation is a common practice that has been shown time and again to rejuvenate the mind and ease the body. Whether you meditate for an hour or just a few short minutes, your body and mind can still benefit from the practice.

Throughout its vast history, meditation has been practiced as a spiritual art, but has also been shown to have many physical benefits on the body. Some of these benefits include: reduction of stress, improvement of concentration, accumulation of self-awareness, as well as cardiovascular and immune health. According to the Huffington Post, one study even showed that meditation might even slow the aging process. Hundreds of varieties of meditation exist, but the one that has become quite popular in recent years is mindfulness meditation.

Tara Brach, a popular meditation teacher based near Washington, D.C., defines mindfulness meditation in her own words: "Mindfulness meditation isn’t about letting your thoughts wander. But it isn’t about trying to empty your mind, either. Instead, the practice involves paying close attention to the present moment — especially our own thoughts, emotions and sensations — whatever it is that’s happening." Though they are often interchanged, meditation and mindfulness are NOT the same thing. Meditation is a channel through which mindfulness can be enhanced. Mindfulness can also be practiced apart from meditation while going about the day, but there is something quite powerful when the two are combined. For a more in-depth description and step-by-step instructions, please see the full article to which Ms. Brach contributed here:

Experience is not required for meditation and can be done by almost anyone. However, there are options out there for individuals seeking help to get started with their meditation journey. Guided meditation is widely available in pre-recorded sessions or in person one-on-one. At Thrive Wellness Center, we have our very own meditation coach whom you can schedule a session with! To book a guided meditation or any of our other services, give us a call at 570-283-0111 or stop by our Wellness Center at 647 Wyoming Ave, Kingston.

Until next time, stay well and keep Thriving!

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