The Story of Our Products: Part 1

Neal's Yard Remedies is an organic skin care line based out of Covent Garden, London in the United Kingdom. The company began in 1981 and were the first certified organic natural health and beauty company. Since then, the company has spread internationally. Neal's Yard currently has stores in Dubai, Japan, and the United Kingdom; they also have home selling channels throughout the UK and USA.

Neal's Yard Remedies assures that their products stand by specific values: they are never tested on animals, only organic and natural ingredients are used in the formulas, only natural colors and fragrances are incorporated and each product is non-GMO. The methods used in making the skin care products protect wildlife and are environmentally friendly. Ethical standards are also part of Neal's Yard Remedies' mission. Several of their skin products carry the "FAIRTRADE" and "fair for life" mark, ensuring that the farmers and producers involved get a fair deal for their work.

There are a variety of Neal's Yard Remedies products for all kinds of skin care needs. Some of their products that we carry at Thrive Wellness include: hand creams, facial cleansers, essential oils, aromatherapy candles, body washes, diffusers, and signature skincare collections. The remainder of their products can be found on their website or in their catalog. Thrive's signature organic facials are completely composed of Neal's Yard products.

Not only is the skin care line ethical and made of quality ingredients, Neal's Yard products have been the recipients of several beauty awards. Major beauty and cosmetic magazines Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and Stylist have chosen to name Neal's Yard as their top beauty products. Other awards include "Ultimate Natural Product" from the Bible Beauty Awards, "Sustainable Business Award" from The Guardian, and the "Earth Day Beauty Award" from Healing Lifestyles and Spas.

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