The Story of Our Products: Part 2


Last week's post featured an article that was written by our Founder Amber Summers, HHP. The article focused on why it is so beneficial for overall health that we reboot our metabolisms and begin to eat healthier, cleaner foods. By engaging in this Reboot, it not only improves the metabolism, it also removes a build up of toxins from the body. This system helps the body fight inflammation and lose fat for good!

At Thrive Wellness, we carry the Evolv Reboot Kit, as well as other Evolv products. The kit can be purchased at our Wellness Center and comes full of everything needed to support your 28-day program. Included in each box are Life Bars, Immun, Limitless, Fix, and Shakes. Life Bars are Evolv's signature nutrition bar, filled with a daily serving of fiber. Immun supplements support the immune system and promote gut health. Limitless are antioxidant-packed supplements made from beet extract, and are the key to reducing bodily inflammation. The Fix is a drink mix that fights the urges of high-calorie snacking, reduces stress, and promotes mental clarity. Finally, the Shakes are designed to maintain weight loss and build muscles. These products are also sold individually in our Wellness Center.

The Evolv Reboot Kit is part of the Hope Initiative, also called the "Buy 1, Nourish 2"initiative. This means that for every Reboot kit that is sold, 140 servings of nutritious food go to children facing hunger. Eradicating childhood malnutrition is the main goal of the "Buy 1, Nourish 2" movement. Rebooting with this system impacts many lives, not just one. As of June 14th, the Evolv Reboot sales at Thrive Wellness have provided 43,432 servings of nutrient-rich food to children in need!

If you are interested in this program, please contact Thrive Wellness Center for more information. We are located at 647 Wyoming Avenue Kingston, PA. You can also give us a call at 570-283-0111.

Until next time, stay well and keep Thriving!

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